November 25th Standholders

Airy Fairy Designs

Driftwood Art


Vintage Nua

Miglio Jewellery

Hats HauteCouture

Patricias Candles

Derek Lyons Art

Kids Love Cotton

Bottle Lit

Mk Woodturning

Garry Greene Magic Crafts

Ags Handcraft

Tayleur Leather

Forever Aloe with Ann

Crafty Gifts by Jen

Four Kids Hampers

Bags of Choice

Woolly Woolly

Sean Curran Art

Colette Clail Art

Frans Tufty Knits

Pearls by Olivia

Lynzee B Designs

Common scents


Derek Lyons Art

Patricias Candles


Keep it Christmas

Royalry Jaipur Collection

Karolinas Jewellery Box

Emmas Crafts

The Grafton Hound


Say What?

Audrey Dowling Art

Kelly Hood Art Studio

Common Or Garden

Tinkling toadstools

Menapia Crafts

MikaB teething Jewellery

Pearls for Girls

Avelsa Handmade

Living Earth Photography 

Ceelabb CBD

Alphabet Jigsaws

Make it Personal Ireland

Bers Knits

Magical Moments


Lucy O Gorman Pottery

Bee Natural

Crafty Irish Beggars 

Flour Power

Caroline B Art

Squizzers Origami

Jonathan Sherling Photography

Cimac Art

Magpie Gems