Mowtini Candles


The inspiration behind the Mowtini Candle, is the continuation of the centuries old artisan tradition of handmade candles, which has been incorporated with modern design. A candle personality has been created to match the candle scent. This unique combination sets it apart from other scented candles in the Irish Market.

Only natural ingredients are contained in the candle such as beeswax, soy wax, pure essential oils and a cotton wick. The vintage style of the product is due to the iconic conical shape of the Martini glass and it’s simple but yet attractive packaging. The transparent Martini glass ensures that the flame remains visible as the candle burns, which adds to its enjoyment.

The six candle personalities are derived from some of the therapeutic benefits of the pure essential oils that are used to scent them.

The Contented – cinnamon and orange which are reputed to improve your happiness.

The Eliminator – lemon, lemongrass and grapefruit which are reputed to good for eliminating pet smells.

The Gardener- cedarwood and citronella which are reputed to repel insects.

The Intellectual – basil and rosemary which are reputed to stimulate the brain.

The Optimist – lemon and grapefruit which are reputed to be good for positivity.

The Relaxer – bergamot and lavender which are reputed to be good for distressing.

The concept of amalgamating a strong brand with good design while maintaining a traditional handcraft demonstrates that Irish creativity and ingenuity can be used to widen the appeal of what is now considered to be an everyday product.

The Mowtini Candle has been designed and created by Paul Delany, a self taught candle maker who is an Associate Member of the Crafts Council of Ireland. The Irish made Mowtini Candle can be best described as the visibly appealing candle with personality.

Benefits for customers.
15% bigger than comparable candles.
Only natural ingredients used.
Flame is visible as the candle burns.
Reusable packaging.
Reusable glass.

Contact : Paul Delany.
Phone : 086 8781309.
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