Gifts of Artemis

Gifts of Artemis is a little craft gallery in Dublin, run by mum and daughter Diana and Ana. Gifts of Artemis is a forest full of high quality handmade works made by careful hands, full of love and attention. Baltic amber, Irish bog oak, wool, clay, silk, copper, brass and silver are some of the materials used to make the unique jewellery, accessories and home decor you can find at Artemis

In Gifts of Artemis we bring together Baltic and Irish craft and highlight the natural resources of these regions. We specialise in ceramics (which ranges from beautiful little figurines to kitchenware and show-stopping centerpieces) jewellery (made mostly with amber, semi- precious stones, leather and metals such as silver, copper, brass and bronze), accessories (including silk and felted wool bags, as well as some very special handbags) and home décor (wood, glass and other gorgeous materials used to make works that breathe life into any room).